The name of this blog was inspired by the quote “Take only pictures; leave only footprints.” Different iterations of this quote appear in many national parks, hiking blogs and environmental articles.

This blog captures my own effort to tread lightly as I live, travel and write. I am an avid traveler and a novice writer of fiction, currently working on my first mystery novel. It’s very exciting!

About me

I am originally from Finland, but have lived abroad for sixteen years. For the past twenty years I worked for a global transportation company, with the last several years in an environmental management role in one of the business units.

I was made redundant near year end in 2015, and embarked on my first round the world tour in March 2016. I spent the next fifteen months traveling around the world and returned back to my current home country of UK in June 2017.

True to my green aspirations, I only travel on the surface. My long journey around the world was accomplished by crossing oceans with cargo ships, and using only public transport, mainly trains, to get around on the ground. I also managed it all without driving, which would in fact be difficult since I do not have a driver’s license!

I have traveled alone for years, but my round the world tour was the first time I will travel for so long, probably for over a year, and so far. The itinerary included Iceland, Poland, the US, Australia, South East Asia, China, and Japan. Nice, safe countries for a woman to travel alone, and relatively easy to get to and around without flying or driving. And most importantly, countries with amazing scenery, wonderful people and full of adventure.

What can you find on this site

finalblogiconArticles: recent posts appear here. The articles cover different topics around environment and travel.

Action: quick lists of things you can change in your life to lighten your load on the environment. Topics include Home, Travel, Stuff and Food. Longer articles about these topics can be found under Articles tab. You can also search content by Categories and Tags.

Climate basics: not quite sure what all this climate change malarky is about? This section lists articles about the environment, the science of climate change, and what large scale solutions there are.

Travel blog: blogging about preparing for a round the world trip and my experiences on the road. I am also a keen amateur photographer and have included my favorite shots from my travels. Note: if a photo does not have attribution, it is my own.

Writing blog: to be launched!



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Happy trails!


6 thoughts on “About

  1. My first experience of foreign travel was travelling by cargo ship, aged one year, from Hong Kong to the UK. My memory of the trip is not exactly extensive…in fact I remember nothing of it and have zero knowledge of the return journey six months later. But one thing I do know is that travel is great. And, I love that you are doing it in a quirky way. I look forward to hearing of your adventures.
    Bon voyage,


  2. Cool almost-memory. 😀 I remember reading your blog about your USA road trip adventure, great trip. Traveling by cargo is what I most look forward to, something completely new and unique. 🙂

  3. I wish you all the best on your travel. What you are doing is very interesting, both your travel plan and also the environmental part. It’s great to know that there is a people that is conscious about the environment and does not take things for granted. Góða ferð, bon voyage

  4. Congratulations on your leap into the Web world and look forward to reading your journeys. I like you prefer not to fly and enjoy public transport and found Bulgaria one of the most enjoyable and friendly countries. I was there before the huge holiday companies went and spoilt it the coast at least the communist built aesthetically pleasing holiday homes.

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