I have a home!

A home at last! After seventeen long months I have a home again! And in beautiful Edinburgh!

Monday – getting my keys

I can’t describe what it felt like opening the door to my new home for the first time in such a long time. My travels were absolutely amazing but I did miss having a home. I went around happily, wiping surfaces and cupboards, planning where everything would go.

Onboard a container ship – the closest I had to a home in my travels

Later I checked my messages only to notice that the inflatable mattress that I was planning on sleeping on that first night would only be delivered the following day. Resignedly, I booked one more night in a hostel and stopped on the way to have my favourite pasta at my favourite Italian restaurant with my favourite waiter. While I was sipping my Pinot, a white and yellow bus drove by with big letters on the side spelling “Welcome back”. Why thank you!

Disappointment about having to wait one more night aside, I was elated. It had been so long since I last had a home! Do you have any idea how hard it was to wait that extra month?!

* sobs quietly into my pillow at hostel *

I’m fine, just fine. A wee dramatic, that’s all.

Tuesday – home goods delivery

My home is not that fancy. Onboard the Royal Yacht Britannia.

I had been separated from my stuff for almost a year and a half. Unpacking it, much of it was a surprise. Oh, I had this? And that? Lovely. But after traveling for that long with just a suitcase, it seemed a lot. Box after box of kitchenware, two boxes of books (only two as I had culled them severely before moving), a few boxes of clothes, several boxes with my DVD and blu-ray collection, and assorted decorative items. And my beloved mid century furniture and kilims. Oh how I missed you!

I had cannily bought a bottle of cava to toast my new home the day before, so when I had unpacked as much as I could, I settled down over pad thai and a movie on my laptop.

I had a home again!

* sobs into a glass of bubbly, deliriously happy and a little drunk *

Wednesday – first morning in my new home

At a plantation in New Orleans.

No one snored. No one came in at 2 am with a date. There was no queue to the toilet. I didn’t have to squat. It was heaven.

I had been worried about whether the available closet and cupboard space would be enough, so it was a relief to realize that I could make do. The fun discovery of the day was that while the surprise closet in the living room was too shallow to serve as a bookcase, it was perfect as a bar. It even fit the bubbly flutes that were too high for the kitchen cabinets.

And finally the engineer came and installed my wifi. After months and months of dodgy to crappy wifi, I finally had a solid connection of my very own!

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to keep up with your blog, or your shows, with a shared wifi that cuts off every five minutes?!

* chugs Chardonnay while choosing what to watch on Netflix *

Thursday and Friday – bare necessities

Inside the only writer’s home, Robert Burns, that I visited during my journeys

I had pared down my possessions to a minimum when I packed them into that storage cube, so unpacking what I had also revealed what I no longer had. So my vacuum cleaner had broken, and I had taken it to the recycling center. I wasn’t sure if it was this move or the one prior. Oh, my clothes drying rack had been donated, best get a new one. No toilet brush? Add that to the list. No dishwasher, no worries, I’ll just get a dish drainer for my kitchen sink. Partially blocked drains in the bathroom? The flat agent arranged a plumber to come and deal with it within an hour. Impressed!

And the big delivery of the day: my vintage writing table! I lovingly placed it in front of the window in the second bedroom, soon to be my office. I had a proper writing table! Now I can be a real writer!

* sips Laphroig hopefully *

Saturday – grocery shopping

Until now I had managed with the little shop downstairs and a few pad thai and pizza deliveries to keep me fed. As much as I had waited to cook again, the first few days were too busy and exhausting to deal with any of that.

So on the first day without any deliveries to keep me homebound, I headed off to a nearby Tesco for some proper groceries. Spices, lentils, garlic, pasta, wine, mushrooms, soy milk, vegetables – all the staples. And absolutely, positively, no bloody onions!

* tucks delightedly into an onion-free meal *

Sunday – rest day

The historical Japanese homes are an inspiration for simplicity

And on the seventh day she rested. And it was good.

No calls of “Housekeeping!”. No lagging dorm room mates. No worries about what I was wearing, my hair or where to go for a meal.

Later that day, the dining table was delivered and finally, I could sit in front of the living room window, perched on the kitchen step ladder (the chairs coming in a week or so), eating a home cooked meal, and watching the world go by.

Do you have any idea how lovely that was? And how lucky we all are that we have homes, and dining tables, and food on our table?

* filled with joy and relief and happiness *


P.s. the featured image is not the house I moved in, but it is in Edinburgh and has the same kind of aesthetics. The photos in the photo album at the top are just some of the houses and homes from my travels.

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  1. Really happy for you and do me a favor, have another Laphroig on me until the time we meet again. Look forward reading and of course hearing from you. Don’t forget to send me all your details once time and all ready.

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