My new author website K.T. Andrews is now live

As you know, I have been working on my first novel, the first of a series of cozy murder mysteries, since I returned from my Grand Adventure. I have used this blog for blogging about the writing process until now, but the time has come to move all writing related content to a dedicated blog, K.T. Andrews,.

I will still inform you here when each book come out, but the main writing blog posts, and information about the books and publishing will be moved to my author site, which is under my pen name.

This travel blog has started to feel cluttered, with both travel and writing related content. It is also quite possible that there are visitors who are only interested in one type of content, so now they don’t have to mix the two in one site. Also, having a dedicated author site is more professional and it now feels like the time is right to launch it. The new website is still in early stages and as my books progress I will expand the site to include teasers and book excerpts, cover art, publishing plans and all the other exciting parts about being a writer.

Each blog also has their own twitter feeds, and now I can tweet travel related things on the @fprntsfotos account, and writing related content on the new @k_t_andrews handle.

So what has changed here? Actually, not much beyond the tagline. The existing writing related blog posts will remain here, but all new writing content will be published on the K.T. Andrews website. However, the eventual book publishing posts will be posted here as well, under the Writing Blog tab. This blog will get new travel related content usually once or twice per week, and more frequently as I travel next year. In addition to my exploration of Edinburgh, my travel plans include Scotland, Finland, Italy and Russia, so stay tuned!

I hope you find my new website interesting and I hope to keep you all entertained while we wait for the first book to be published. Well, you may be waiting, I am writing as fast as I can.


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