RTW review – month 15

Almost home. As I write this, it’s two days until I disembark in Southampton and finish my Grand Adventure. Most of the last month was spent onboard my last (for now) container ship, which I will have more to write about later.

This post is thus shorter than usual, but there will be some sort of review of the full journey coming up in the next days or weeks.

Best of the best

If you read my month 14 review, where I gushed about how happy I was to be going home on another container ship, it comes as little surprise that the four weeks I spent onboard the CMA CMA Kerguelen was the best of time.

The main other highlight was the Shanghai Disney resort, and especially the amazing Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and Shanghai itself was a pleasure to explore again.

Well, that sucked

Nothing really sucked. I wasn’t too happy to spend extra days in Ningbo while waiting for my ship to arrive, but that was mostly because I just wanted to board already. There was little to do in Ningbo, except the delightful little nook called the Old Bund.

Gear review

I tell you I will be so glad to be able to settle down again and stop living out of a suitcase! My wheeled trolly had pretty much everything I needed at any given time, packed in a surprisingly small space, but fifteen months of only three pairs of shoes, bottoms and tops starts to gall in the end.


As I mentioned there are still a few more posts to come while I wrap up my tales of my long voyage, but after that is done, I will have to think of something else to write about. It is a useful exercise, if nothing else, summarising your previous days or weeks. The format these reviews in particular have taken has given me a space to reflect on and be grateful for all the amazing things I have experienced.


There is no greater way to travel than onboard a container ship, and no greater ship than the CMA CGM Kerguelen. Four hundred meters of comfort bordering on luxury, surprisingly silent and absolutely rock steady as she goes. Add a darling captain, a lovely crew, fun passengers, all the sun and waves you could ever wish for, and you get yourself a fabulous voyage.

I’m sure further adventures wait in my life, but I will always remember these past fifteen months, and especially the seventy days I have spent on container ships, with gratitude and delight.

p.s. I will post more and better quality photos when I get on land. The internet on board is not robust enough to upload big files, and it is costly too.

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