RTW environmental impact

One of the questions my friends have asked me is how does a round the world trip fit in with my environmental commitments. Won’t my carbon footprint be a lot higher than it would be if I stayed home? Simple answer is that yes, it will. But not as much higher as you might think.…

Babies and the planet

Six billion and counting. Estimated to hit nine billion by 2050. Now, it’s simple math that even if all the existing people cut down on their consumption and emissions, it will be useless if humans keep breeding like rabbits.

Part 5: Climate Solutions

So, as mentioned in Part 3 and Part 4, doing nothing on climate change will risk the end of the world as we know it. Seriously. Fossil fuels are also dirty, dangerous stuff which will run out eventually, so weaning ourselves from their use fast just makes good sense.

So what can we do? You find personal actions under the different tabs on this site and this entry discusses some thoughts on a global perspective.

Part 4: Climate Feedbacks

Unfortunately, as I mentioned in Part 3, the current climate change projections are likely to be too optimistic. They don’t include the positive, or amplifying feedbacks. What this means is that the warming atmosphere and oceans will trigger global processes that will amplify the already existing warming. The only question is when do we reach the point that these start, and quite possibly, whether some of these have already started.

Part 3: Climate Change

In Part 1, I discussed how climate science works, and in Part 2, why it is so hard for many people to believe the science. In this Part 3 I will summarize what will happen as a result of climate change unless dramatic action is taken soon.

The following overview condenses the main points from the Copenhagen Diagnosis which captures the most up-to-date summary of scientific understanding of how climate change will progress. Their warning: if we don’t take action now, we risk “climate change at a scale that would profoundly and adversely affect all of human civilization and all of the world’s major ecosystems”.

Part 1: Climate Science

To bring you “up to speed”, I will write a five part series on climate science and the current predictions on how bad it will get if we don’t act. These will be long entries, but I try to keep them readable, which means omitting a lot of the detail. The links at the bottom of each entry will help you find out more.

The series will include Climate Science (how it is made), Climate Skepticism (why the science is not believed), Climate Projections (what it means for us and future generations), Climate Feedbacks (the worst that could happen) and Climate Action (how we can stop it from happening).

This first part will discuss the past and present Climate Science process.

Green diet

Human population is so big that we cannot feed everyone, and especially not with meat that has been raised humanely (given our current consumption!). Factory farming, whether beef, chicken or fish causes severe environmental problems, health problems for us and misery for the animals in question.

This is stuff you do not want to know, but I think you should so that you can decide whether your love of meat is worth the suffering of sentient beings, and destruction of the environment.