Part 5: Climate Solutions

So, as mentioned in Part 3 and Part 4, doing nothing on climate change will risk the end of the world as we know it. Seriously. Fossil fuels are also dirty, dangerous stuff which will run out eventually, so weaning ourselves from their use fast just makes good sense.

So what can we do? You find personal actions under the different tabs on this site and this entry discusses some thoughts on a global perspective.

Part 3: Climate Change

In Part 1, I discussed how climate science works, and in Part 2, why it is so hard for many people to believe the science. In this Part 3 I will summarize what will happen as a result of climate change unless dramatic action is taken soon.

The following overview condenses the main points from the Copenhagen Diagnosis which captures the most up-to-date summary of scientific understanding of how climate change will progress. Their warning: if we don’t take action now, we risk “climate change at a scale that would profoundly and adversely affect all of human civilization and all of the world’s major ecosystems”.