Part 1: Climate Science

To bring you “up to speed”, I will write a five part series on climate science and the current predictions on how bad it will get if we don’t act. These will be long entries, but I try to keep them readable, which means omitting a lot of the detail. The links at the bottom of each entry will help you find out more.

The series will include Climate Science (how it is made), Climate Skepticism (why the science is not believed), Climate Projections (what it means for us and future generations), Climate Feedbacks (the worst that could happen) and Climate Action (how we can stop it from happening).

This first part will discuss the past and present Climate Science process.

James Hansen on carbon fee-and-dividend

Dr James Hansen, one of the smartest guys on the planet when it comes to climate change, weighed in on the US climate strategy. Hansen is in favor of fee-and-dividend, instead of cap and trade (tradeable permissions to pollute). What is fee-and-dividend? Read on!