Have a happy planet holidays!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Bodhi Day, Pancha Ganapati, Saturnalia, Newtonmas or any other year end / solstice related holiday, happy holidays! May your days be joyous, peaceful and meaningful! I know I am early, but I wanted to prompt you to think about making your holidays a little greener this year. So you’ve got two…

Environmental action – food

  Ways to reduce your food and drink footprint General: – Eat what you buy, don’t throw it away. – Compost food scraps (if you can) or put them in the bio bin – Eat organic food and reduce the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers and e.g. hormones and antibiotics that are given to factory…

Environmental action – travel

As much as we like to fly off to exotic locations, I doubt that it is a surprise to hear that flying is very bad for the environment. So what can we do? Take local holidays, and you also help the local economy. Travel predominantly by train or by bus/coach. An excellent site to help you…

Environmental action – stuff

Do you know about stuff? You should really watch the excellent video, “The story of stuff”: http://www.storyofstuff.com/ We all have too much stuff already and we still want more. How can we reduce the amount of stuff? Reduce, reuse, recycle: think before you buy, do you really need it? Can you put something you have…

Environmental action – home

There are a lot of things you can do at home to be greener: – Switch off anything electronic that is not in use: stand by mode uses a lot of energy – Turn down your heating/cooling and put on a sweater or open a window instead – Buy environmentally efficient appliances (A+ rating) –…

Part 5: Climate Solutions

So, as mentioned in Part 3 and Part 4, doing nothing on climate change will risk the end of the world as we know it. Seriously. Fossil fuels are also dirty, dangerous stuff which will run out eventually, so weaning ourselves from their use fast just makes good sense.

So what can we do? You find personal actions under the different tabs on this site and this entry discusses some thoughts on a global perspective.

Part 1: Climate Science

To bring you “up to speed”, I will write a five part series on climate science and the current predictions on how bad it will get if we don’t act. These will be long entries, but I try to keep them readable, which means omitting a lot of the detail. The links at the bottom of each entry will help you find out more.

The series will include Climate Science (how it is made), Climate Skepticism (why the science is not believed), Climate Projections (what it means for us and future generations), Climate Feedbacks (the worst that could happen) and Climate Action (how we can stop it from happening).

This first part will discuss the past and present Climate Science process.

Saving Nemo

If you read my entry on Going Vegan, you might think that you are “safe” eating seafood. Unfortunately this is not so. As much damage we are doing to the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels, we are damaging the oceans even worse.

Green diet

Human population is so big that we cannot feed everyone, and especially not with meat that has been raised humanely (given our current consumption!). Factory farming, whether beef, chicken or fish causes severe environmental problems, health problems for us and misery for the animals in question.

This is stuff you do not want to know, but I think you should so that you can decide whether your love of meat is worth the suffering of sentient beings, and destruction of the environment.

James Hansen on carbon fee-and-dividend

Dr James Hansen, one of the smartest guys on the planet when it comes to climate change, weighed in on the US climate strategy. Hansen is in favor of fee-and-dividend, instead of cap and trade (tradeable permissions to pollute). What is fee-and-dividend? Read on!