Have a happy planet holidays!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Bodhi Day, Pancha Ganapati, Saturnalia, Newtonmas or any other year end / solstice related holiday, happy holidays! May your days be joyous, peaceful and meaningful! I know I am early, but I wanted to prompt you to think about making your holidays a little greener this year. So you’ve got two…

RTW and the vegan traveler – part 1

Another one of the scheduled blog posts, as I make my way across the Pacific onboard the Cap Capricorn. One of my readers (fine, my mom) asked me for a post on traveling around the world as a vegan. A good proposal, actually, and a topic I have neglected. Let me begin by explaining why…

Environmental action – food

  Ways to reduce your food and drink footprint General: – Eat what you buy, don’t throw it away. – Compost food scraps (if you can) or put them in the bio bin – Eat organic food and reduce the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers and e.g. hormones and antibiotics that are given to factory…

The beef with beef: Part 2

In The Beef with Beef: Part 1, I discussed reasons why meat eating is bad for the planet. In this entry I will discuss meat and your health.

Especially factory farmed meat has many serious issues that can cause health problems in humans.

The beef with beef: Part 1

I’ve referred to the bad side of meat production in Green Diet, and in this entry I will present some facts and figures around behind this, and what might be part of the solution.

Industrial farming is resource intensive and has many environmental side effects. Methane emissions from factory farms contribute to global warming and degrade local air quality, and poor waste management practices pollute local water supplies with little consequence. Many of those animals are fed diets consisting mainly of corn, which also must be grown on arable land. Corn requires large amounts of fertilizer and pesticides, both of which require lots of fossil fuels to manufacture.

Saving Nemo

If you read my entry on Going Vegan, you might think that you are “safe” eating seafood. Unfortunately this is not so. As much damage we are doing to the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels, we are damaging the oceans even worse.

Green diet

Human population is so big that we cannot feed everyone, and especially not with meat that has been raised humanely (given our current consumption!). Factory farming, whether beef, chicken or fish causes severe environmental problems, health problems for us and misery for the animals in question.

This is stuff you do not want to know, but I think you should so that you can decide whether your love of meat is worth the suffering of sentient beings, and destruction of the environment.