Writing when traveling

I wonder how I managed to write a blog post every few days on my Grand Adventure and not a word when I was in London for almost a week just now. Well, on my travels I had to: I would be gone for over a year, so I couldn’t get behind on my blogging. Now I was only going to travel a few days, surely it all could wait until I got back?

train london photoBut I should be writing so much more than blog posts! I have a first draft ready for my first book and into the planning phase of book 2. Yet, I didn’t make much headway this past week. Sure, I read for research, I visited places in London that are relevant to my future books, and I wrote copious notes with an actual pen and notebook while sitting at cafes and wherever an idea popped into my head.

And I tried to write on the train down to London but I got motion sickness, and the hostel I was staying was not helpful at all. I had a bottom bunk bed in a female dorm, and I couldn’t even sit up straight on it. So no writing in bed. And there was no wifi in the room, so no research during early morning hours either. The common room was crowded and noisy, and I didn’t really fancy having anyone looking over my shoulder what I was doing. And then my laptop power cord gave up the ghost and my laptop was dead in the water.

And on top of that there was all of London to see, as well as spending long lovely evenings with family. Evenings were typically my time to write when I was on my world tour, so now that time was not available for writing either.

train london photoExcuses excuses excuses.

Oh, sorry, were you expecting tips on how to write when you are traveling? This is not that post. It’s merely to let you know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. If you do have some, do let me know! Well, there are the obvious takeaways: book a private room, avoid places with friends and family whose company you can’t resist during your prime writing time, and don’t travel with an already fraying laptop power cable. And always have a pen and a notebook with you. You never know when inspiration hits you and/or your laptop dies.

There’ll be a few posts about London coming up soon. And a status update on my book project soon. But now I better get to my desk and to work!


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